Friday, 2 July 2010

Okay I might be on a blogging vacation, but I just HAD to take time out to say...

...I'm a diva in a shop window!! I'm a Scissor Sister!!

And what a damned fine album their latest offering, Night Work, is. Can't bloody stop playing it!!

And a damned fine, tight pair of butt cheeks, to boot...

So, what do you think about the above-pictured bottom, then??

a) ladies?
b) homos?

And more to the point, is a well-chiselled pair of hot buns IMPORTANT to you??

Answers on a comment PLEASE.

(Okay, if no-one can be...arsed (pardon the pun) to reply, then I'm tagging Alan, Steve, Selina, Amanda, Graham, Jaimie, Nora and Thomas!!)


  1. Buns important yes - though I didn't appreciate them until my mid twenties. Up till then I was blinded by my devotion to breasts and... I will freely admit, I am still a breast man. However, an appreciation for a nice pair of legs and buns has since developed. They don't have to be small and pert. They can be a bit hippy. It's all in the shape and the movement. Fave bum at the moment (apart from my wife's of course) is Keeley Hawes.

  2. Dammit, Janet! Steve gets all the good comments. Yes, buns is be honest there ain't a lot of jiggly bits that us gals can drool over in blokes really is there. So, nice buns is good. Haven't heard SS latest alBUM but I loiked the last one...

  3. :: stands in the street with placard saying "arse man right here" and arrow pointing downwards ::


    A good/great bum is VERY important, and that's coming from someone who, unfortunately, doesn't have one. No matter how much weight I put on or lose, it's as flat as a pancake.

    Oh well!

  4. Well, I saw this poster on a wall in a London tube station the other morning on the way to work and at first I thought "ooh, that's a bit cheeky" and outre (I like that word) but then why shouldn't it be great? It's no more revealing or rude than a cleavage. I like it.

  5. Now that's what I call a fast response! Thanks guys. Maybe I should tag people more often...

    Steve - I do know you are a baptitious man. But glad that your taste for buns has since developed. And if I batted for the "other side" Keeley's derriere would probably do it for me, too.

    Amanda - Glad that you too are a fan of bottoms, in the male form this time. Any favourites? I was actually a bit disappointed with the last Scissors album (2nd albums are always tricky) and this one is definitely more non-stop dancey in a good way.

    Newplanet - Oh well, I'm sure you make up for your erm, pancake bottom, in other areas...okay I'm saying too much here! Glad you concur though.

    Nora - Outre - good word (pushing the boundaries of what is good and proper - the SS sure do that...)You're right though, no worse than a pair of jugs adorning an album cover and there's been plenty of those I reckon...

    Cheers for the responses, folks!

  6. It thought I'd bring up the rear. Let the smart arses get in their pennies worth first.

    Bums (or buns) - is it a generational thing? are hugely important and in some cases - huge.

    Not sure about the SS poster though. Thought it was rather Kenneth Williams and a visual Joe Orton - but then what do I know.

  7. i'm not that keen on their latest offering, i'm afraid. maybe i need to listen to it some more.

    the cover is fabulous though!

    as far as a hot ass goes, i wouldn't turn one away, but it's not required ....

  8. Oh dear, so sorry I'm late! But in answer to your question I have found that as I have got older, I have become very partial to a nice bottom and the one in this picture is very, very nice !! There is a giant poster of this not far from where I work and I nearly had an accident when it first went up !!

  9. oh - I've been tagged, thank you :)

    It's a striking cover, for sure, and they were great at Glastonbury from what I saw on the telly. Good to have them back, and good on them for finally bringing that Kylie onto the Glastonbury stage! I think I might have to get this, their first album is played fairly regularly on the ipod and has held up well to my ears, and then I've just ignored the second, what do you reckon? Boogie Boogie Boogie, I'm going to Lovebox on Sunday, maybe you fancee as well? love, thomas xx