Friday, 23 July 2010

I write like Douglas Adams

I write like
Douglas Adams

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Give it a go! As you can imagine I was rather chuffed with the results of mine... And thank you Amanda!


  1. Oh I daren't. I'll be hoping for Virginia Woolf and will probably get some unknown who writes for Mills and Boon .....!!

  2. I haven't dare do this yet. As I said over at Amanda's, I'm terryfied it'll say Enid Blyton!

  3. It's great fun but too good to be true. I tried it with three of my posts - completely different results each time.

    I then pasted in Eliot's "The Lovesong of J Alfred Profrock” – Mark Twain.

    According to the site Shakespeare had nothing to do with “To be or Not to be”. It was Mark Twain!

    Third time lucky? Nope. Caucer’s "Prologue to the Miller’s Tale" in Middle English was like Shakespeare.

    All is exposed at:

  4. Selina and Steve - You are funny, being all scaredy-waredy about it.

    Barry - You have dashed all my hopes!! Sob!! Okay, the fallacy is exposed ... but it was nice to live with the fantasy. Albeit for a day or two at the most ...

  5. haha, I hope no-one actually took it seriously? Lucky Bazza was onto it! :-)

    BTW, just had the final of this series of Dr Who last night (part 2 of the Pandorica)...not sure how good I thought it was really, but our Whovian stated that the "ginger in the bridal dress' has been done before!
    We are warming to the new Dr, but his bug eyed assistant can get off at the next stop (and leave her husband behind, he's entertaining without being annoying)

  6. Amanda, I'm in agreement about the final episode of DW - haven't written my review yet but I too was quite disappointed. It's true we've had a ginger wedding before! I like Amy in some respects, in others I find her way too full of herself with all her "I'm so cool, sarcastic and clever" lines. Rory is much more modest by comparison...