Sunday, 20 June 2010

Work schmerk

Greetings my lovelies...I have been endeavouring to post as much as I can, during what is essentially a very busy work period for me at the moment (mind, I always seem to be saying I'm busy, don't I...?) Though my blogging has been quite sparse as a whole...

Anyway in order to accommodate everything that's going on with moi, it looks like I'm going to have to go into blogging hibernation for a few weeks, so you can expect a proper return at the start of July. As you will have seen, I haven't even had time to post any Dr Who reviews since "Flesh and Stone" - but you know what I'm like on that score: a bloomin' perfectionist. I started writing up my thoughts on "Vampires in Venice" and "Amy's Choice" but didn't get much further than that! However on my return I will be letting you know my thoughts on all the remaining episodes - promise!! As a quick overall comment though, I must confess to feelings of disappointment with the episodes that have been broadcast over the last few weeks. Since "Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone" there hasn't been a single story that I would award 4 stars or above. The Silurian story for example hd a lot of a potential but overall felt like a let down. Last night's "Pandorica Opens" had some slightly naff elements but also some very good ones - so I really pray the finale episode doesn't mess it all up. We'll see...

Will be back in July then. Now, in my absence I expect you all to conduct yourselves properly and be very good blogging boys and girls. No fighting or unpleasantness, please! And always use your Green Cross Code. Because I won't be there when you cross the road. *

Love OC xx

* Anyone remember who said that?


  1. Oh well: we'll just have to manage our way through this drought.

    Don't you forget to "Clunk Click Every Trip".

  2. I enjoyed The Lodger episode - a good change of pace - and last night's episode was a great cliffhanger I thought. Just hope the solution to it all is a darn sight cleverer than the tosh RTD used to come up with.

  3. And remember that "only a fool, breaks the two second rule" !!

    I'm so desperate to get your thoughts on the whole Pandorica thing. July seems like such a long time to wait....but I will !! (I thought it was a bit slow to start off and I kept yawning pointedly to annoy my daughter and then suddenly I was gripped! Am frustrated that I don't get what's going on though - can't wait til next week)

  4. have a good vacation away from the blog!! see you back here in July!

  5. I have to say that we have still been eagerly heading to the couch on Sunday evenings to watch Dr Who (misshapen face and all)...we missed last weeks part one of two as we were out of the country however we saw half of an episode yet to air here!)