Thursday, 28 April 2011

Stuff the wedding

In case you hadn't guessed, the title of this post pretty much sums up my opinion of the Royal Nuptials occurring tomorrow. Apologies to all royalists and William and Kate lovers - I suppose. We just can't get away from it though, can we?

Maybe it's my age. Maybe I'm getting cynical. Maybe I don't like the fact that our taxes are paying for the extraordinarily expensive extravagance that is the Royal Wedding.

I am however very pleased to be having the day off work tomorrow. There's been an awful lot of Bank Holidays recently, hence lots of time off from one's job. A four day weekend now beckons. Yaaaay! Not bad atall.

When I was a nipper I distinctly remember getting all in a tizzy about Charles and Diana getting spliced. I had a Charles and Di mug, a Charles and Di wedding brochure, even a Charles and Di plastic bag if memory serves me correctly. But it was 1981 and I was a mere 12 years old...things have changed somewhat. I'm really not bovvered, as Lauren might say...(I am also rather surprised to see that none of my fellow bloggers have commented on the forthcoming wedding! Can it be that none of you are "bothered" either??)

Don't get me wrong. I can appreciate the "fairy tale" element and I'm sure Kate Middleton will look ravishing. William isn't too bad himself, come to that - well, more than certain other gawky and geeky looking male members of the Royal Family. He's turned out quite a handsome fella...And on that particular note, I thought it might be nice to present y'all with a completely gratuitous picture of the aforementioned Prince in a pair of speedos (to hell with Kate Middleton, she's not important.) Good bod, eh? I do wonder what the ball is covering up, though...

Friday, 15 April 2011

Kissing ain't no crime

A friend has just alerted me to this story. Read it and grimace. One might have hoped that we'd moved on in these enlightened times. Granted, doing this in some pub in the ghettos of Hackney or some other equally rough and homophobic pocket of the UK might not have been such a good idea, but Soho....?!

Oddly enough I am probably heading there tonight and am tempted to go and join in the kissathon!! Wooohooo!! Power to the Homos!!!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Let me hear your body talk

I am now the proud owner of a new exercise bike. And I started my regime today. I burnt over 400 calories. A good start...

I'm not quite sure if I will end up looking as trim and slim as the fine (if somewhat plastic) specimen of manhood below, but one must have something to aspire towards...

Give me a year or so and I might just get there...

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Bush is back (so to speak)

Hooray!! It's only been 6 years since the last Kate Bush album (a comparatively short hiatus given the 12 year mega-gap that ensued between "The Red Shoes" and "Aerial"). And now La Bush is about to unleash a new one on the music-listening public. Yaaaay!! (In case you didn't know, I'm a big KB fan).

At least, a sort-of new album. To be precise, it's going to be a reworking of some of her old tracks, taken from her "Sensual World" and "Red Shoes" albums. Here's the blurb:
On "Director's Cut" Kate revisits a selection of tracks from her albums, The Sensual World and The Red Shoes, a process that presents a fascinating portrait of an artist in a constant state of evolution. She has re-recorded some elements whilst keeping the best musical performances of each song – making it something of a director’s cut but in sound, not vision.

Sounds interesting. And a single, "Deeper Understanding", is due for release in May. Here it is!

Actually I have to say, I'm not entirely crazy about this re-interpretation - the chorus in particular, which is way too vocodery-robot - presumably in a bid to fit in with the virtual communication theme of the song and give it a more contemporary feel. I preferred the "straight singing" of the original, which was more soulful. But I think it still might grow on me...

As for the other tracks on the forthcoming long-player, they be as follows, me hearties:

Flower of the Mountain (previously ‘The Sensual World’)

Song of Solomon


Red Shoes

This Woman’s Work

Moments of Pleasure

Never Be Mine

Top of The City

And So Is Love

...Which all sounds promising stuff! Due out on May 11th....and apparently Kate is working on some "real" new material too!

PS Don't you just love the "Kate as mad director splicing up the film" piccie?!

Friday, 1 April 2011

More more do you like your Whoooooo??

Admittedly the new series is looking rather good...

Mmm I wonder why they shoved in so many clips of Utah and the US desert in an advert for BBC America??