Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Holiday!! Celebrate!!

I tried desperately to think of a snappy n' cool title for my "return" post. I suppose it could have been "I'm back, back, BACK" but I feel that one has been ever so slightly flogged to death. So instead I had to settle for Madonna. Even more passe. Aw well.

Anyway folks, as you might have gathered from the aforementioned title, today was my very last day at work and I now have over 4 weeks' worth of holiday to look forward to!! Yaaaay!! As I sit typing this the sun is shining outside my lounge window and it all bodes well... It's been a long haul, marking, marking and yet more marking, preparing next year's schemes of work, etc... But it's all done and dusted now and I'm better off financially too having done my annual marking stint for AQA (a rather good exam board to work for, for anyone who might be remotely interested). And this will help considerably with my forthcoming trip to ...

... San Francisco!!!

Double yay!!

And also ... Los Angeles.

Yes, I'm off there at the start of August and can't wait. This is actually my first ever trip to the USA, let alone SF and LA! And I'll be meeting up with the lovely Matty too...whoop whoop!

Meanwhile, I am sooo behind with my Dr Who reviews and need to finish off discussing the remaining episodes (if you're remotely interested in hearing the musings of this Old Cheeser!) I can say right now though, the last instalments kind of disappointed me. Matt Smith is very endearing and has for the most part won me over, but some of the stories were just too sub-standard for me, and slipped into soap opera histrionics, which under the new regime of "The Moff" I thought and hoped we were getting away from, since Russell T Davies cleared off. However that was not entirely the case...More on that later...

Anyway, it's good to be back. And I've missed you all lots!!


  1. Frisco and LA? I don't know about Old Cheeser - lucky geezer more like! That sounds a fab holiday. You'll have to do a bit of star spotting while you're out there!

  2. Stevenage! Now that's what I call a fast response. Hello good sir. You're right I am kinda lucky...even if the hol is going to cost the odd bob (or dollar) or two...funny you mention star spotting cos yes, I am kinda hoping to run into a few celebs whilst in LA (gawd, my accent is starting to sound "kinda" American already! Gee whiz...) Apparently it's not as unlikely running into famous people as you might think...

    PS Hope you've sorted out the plumbing probs?

  3. It's good to have you back even if it means you're going away. Have fun, fun, 'til your daddy takes the T'bird away!

    Glad someone else thinks Matt Smith is excellent.

  4. Nope, plumbing probs remain unsorted. May have to start again with the good ol' Thompson Local...

  5. The scripts disappointed me too, Simon. I'm not sure I got it either on just the one viewing! Is Amy married to an Auton? I have no clue!! If I ever find the time, I'll watch them again.

    Hope you have a good time in downtown LA and Sisco is where they shot "Charmed"... you'll get to see the Golden Gate bridge (green with envy)!