Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Oh my gosh! This must be a historic first ... in the forthcoming Dr Who episode, The Lodger (broadcast this coming Saturday) the Time Lord gets his kit off! Well, not quite the full kit as you can see, but close enough ... What is the programme coming to? In the soon to be screened story, the Doc also plays a game of football with James Corden (pictured left). They must have written this into the show deliberately, as Matt Smith is a bit of a footy fan (and fact fans, before becoming a thespian, Matt S almost embarked on a footballing career, but had to give it all up when he suffered a back injury).

I'm not sure what I think about the prospect of a near-naked Dr on the show. Whilst undoubtedly a fan of the masculine form, and normally happy at the presence of hot male totty, I'm not 100% convinced that the sight of the Time Lord stripping off in the programme is right. Granted, DW has moved on since the days of the old show with its acknowledgement of relationships and things sexual (e.g. Rose snogging the Dr, Captain Jack flirting with the fellas, etc etc) but the Dr has always been a bit exempt from all that stuff. Okay, so in the pic above he's only had a shower and that's all there is to it, but ...

Or am I being a prude about the Doc in the nude?

What are your thoughts, folks? And does Matt Smith's body float your boat? (Incidentally I'm expecting only an affirmative response from the girls and gays, in response to the latter question...)

(By the way more Dr Who reviews are on their way!)


  1. Oh dear, I have to agree with you, it's not right. He doesn't rip my nighty anyway (in fact our Young Whovian claims he has a strange shaped face - "like someone put DT into a bag and whacked the bejeesus out of him" were her exact words...
    I think part of the appeal of this programme is that the basic formula hasn't really been tampered with until now...

  2. It's not the first time the Doctor has been seen topless! Jon Pertwee was seen taking a shower in his debut "Spearhead From Space", bare-chested and tattooed!! Still not looking forward to Saturday’s episode, though, ’cos I don’t care for James Corden.

  3. Let's hope Mr James gives the Doctor an easier time than he gave Patrick Stewart a couple of days ago!

  4. Quite frankly, I would rather see James Corden in the buff than the new Doc. (although I'm a bit cross with him for turning on SIR Patrick Stewart!) It's not that I don't like him, I just don't fancy him. He's so UNfanciable. Now if it was still David Tennant and he came out of the shower wrapped only in little towel ....oh! I feel weak just thinking about it. Sorry, but I do !!

  5. My main gripe about the recent Dr Who's (including the most excellent David T) is the apparently irresistible urge on the part of the Beeb to showcase "talent". Stars from other BBC shows pop up to what? Add appeal? increase the ratings? Make Matt Smith look attractive?

    Jon Pertwee's half buffness was ,of course, when TV was only 405 lines and black and white. That moderated the otherwise Whitehousian outrage that would have surely followed such exposure. Matt Smith in full colour and HD should be put on the prohibited list.

    Selina obviously is a woman of superb sense and sensibility.

  6. Hello people! Thanks for the responses.

    Amanda - Now, I really do think your daughter is being unduly harsh towards poor old Matt Smith! I do actually agree he has an odd face but he's not as bad as all that, surely..?!

    Timewarden - You're BACK (BACK BACK!!!) Hooray!! I am so pleased to hear from you, did you realise that Steve (Bloggertroplis) and I thought you had passed away? (In blogging/virtual terms anyway). It's great to hear from you, and a quick check confirms that your blog is up and running again. I shall drop by properly soon to leave comments. Being the Who expert that you are I'm not surprised you managed to think of another example - I completely forgot about Jon P's aforementioned naked shower in his debut story. You're absolutely right. And if memory serves correct, he was also wearing a bathing cap...? Ever so slightly camp. It sounds like you're still not much of a convert to the new series...after five seasons!! Still, you don't give up eh?!

    Steve - I will read that link properly shortly! Jean Luc Picard and Mr Corden having a barney, eh?

    Selina - I see, so Mr Corden floats your boat eh? Actually that's not quite what you meant I think, it's a question of comparison. I see you've joined the long line of women who fancy DT...surprise, surprise!! Personally I don't mind either Mr Smith or Mr Tennant, though both are rather too much on the gangly side for me...

    Barry - Hello, and welcome, thanks for stopping by. I think you're right about the showcasing of talent thing - it was a hallmark of JNT's era too. So perhaps it's not such a new thing after all. I don't particularly mind the abundance of guest stars as long as they put in a decent performance. Some have and some haven't - Meera Syall in the Siluarian story for example was severely underused. Sophie Okenedo on the other hand, in The Beast Below, was ace.

    But Spearhead from Space was the first DW story to be broadcast in colour wasn't it! Although I understand that doesn't mean that everyone had a colour TV by that point...I understand your point about smaller and less colourful helping to keep things, erm, more tasteful!

  7. Good, Good, GOOD to hear from you, too, Simon! News of my passing has been greatly exaggerated, not unlike Mavic Chen/Tobias Vaughan actor Kevin Stoney reading his own obituary in The Times!!

    "Spearhead from Space" was indeed the first story to be broadcast in colour. "Doctor Who" transferred from 405 lines to the 525 format midway through the Patrick Troughton serial "The Enemy of the World" two seasons earlier.

    Nope, sad as some might think, I don't suppose I'll ever give up on "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy"! It's worth sticking with just for little gems like the two exchanges between Matt Smith and Bill Nighy, in "Vincent and the Doctor", concerning the "coolness" of bow ties!!