Saturday, 5 September 2009

Bye bye Big Bro

So what did we all think about Sophie winning the latest Big Brother??

Against my better judgement, I got sucked into the BB vortex this time round and ended up watching quite a lot of it. There were some entertaining individuals in there, admittedly - Rodrigo the Brazilian Barbie with a short temper; Charlie the camp Geordie who enjoyed a decidedly tempestuous love/hate relationship with Rodrigo; the camper-still David (God though, his voice was seriously grating) ... erm, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the only inhabitants of the house were a load of gay men. There was also of course Noireen (I thought she was a horrible, cold bitch, quite frankly), the weird Sree, the horribly aggressive and truculent Marcus, the tatooed, shave-headed and sometimes motherly Lisa (and another sexual deviant!) and the way out and funkily dressed Siavash. Talking of the latter, I actually liked him a lot and he would have been my first choice for winner. Yet somehow I never felt like we got to know the "real" Siavash - he was a little too laid back and detached about everything for his own good and sometimes I got the impression he was a bit of a fence sitter - a stronger personality needed to come to the fore. And as for Sophie - well she was fun and quite sweet but I'd say her personality was even less dazzling - and that's not me trying to be bitchy - there just didn't seem to be enough character there to warrant her winning. I reckon, anyway.

Meanwhile, you might or might not be aware that BB is due to be axed - or to be more precise, Channel 4 has made the decision that the 2010 series will be the last and they won't be renewing their contract with the show beyond that. Lost Boy has already written an incisive post on this topic ... So I wonder what C4 will come up with by way of a replacement, then? Suggestions, anyone??


  1. I have to say I haven't watched a single episode of this series, read any newspapery stuff and can't even name a single contestant. I really think the axing decision is the right one. It's failed to grip for some time now. However, I will admit that Sophie is easy on the eye. Maybe I missed a little something after all...?!

  2. Lisa lives in the same grove as my Aunt! My lame claim to fame.....

  3. Steve - Well Sophie wasn't that much to write home about. And yeah, time they laid the show to rest. I must admit it still has a certain fascintion though, even after it's 10th year!

    Blogcol - Hello and welcome and thank you for adding me to your list! Wow, still a claim to fame, however lame! I have a feeling Lisa might be a bit too intense in real life though...