Saturday, 5 September 2009

Amsterdam piccies #1

Okay, I'm BACK. Yes I've pulled my finger out and endeavoured to rise above my recent feelings of blogging lethargy in order to bring you a PROPER blog post. And I've got internet back at home! Yay! So really I haven't got much excuse, have I?!! Except that thing called work keeps rearing its head... Anyway I thought it was high time I showed you some pictorial evidence of my exploits in Amsterdam last month. So here goes...

A fascinating way to start off the pictorial journey .... it's a train!! A Dutch one, that is. You've gotta admit they're different to our English counterparts. They're double deckers, for a start. Rather funky design, I think. We could do with some over here as it would definitely help solve the overcrowding on trains problem... Anyway this was right at the start of our holiday, getting the train from Schipol airport to the centre of Amsterdam.

Once we'd arrived in Amsterdam proper, what better way to start things off than a boat trip round the fair city?? I've visted 7 or 8 times previously and never done the canal ride thing.

Houses as seen from the boat. I just love the style of building in Amsterdam. I'd be a bit scared parking my car right next to a canal though.

More lovely tall Dutch buldings. My Dad lives in one actually. Lucky him.

A famous couple of buildings, apparently. Can't remember what they are, though??

Another tall building. Obsessed? Moi?

This rather odd looking construction (the green thing on the right) is called Nemo. It's a Science Museum for kiddies (but of course adults can visit too) with lots of fun interactive exhibits. And you can actually go up on the roof, have a drinkie and take in the view!

See? A nice place to sip a cocktail and survey the scenery...

The Town Hall in Amsterdam in the very famous Dam Square. Peter Davison once ran across the square in a certain Dr Who story, with rice crispies all over his face, frightening the local Dutch people. Had to put in a Who reference somewhere, didn't I??

Gustavo in front of monument, Dam Square.

And now...for some "interesting" exhibits. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we visited the "legendary" Erotic Museum in the Red Light District. Well, we had time to kill and it was a mere 5 Euros entry fee. I'm bad at making excuses...Now, what does the above sculpture remind you of??

One of the more tasteful paintings in the place. Honestly!!

An interesting way to put out one's washing...

Madge's legendary "Sex" book managed to get inclusion!

Loved this naughty master and maid tableau...

A lady of the night, looking, frankly, very bored. No clients today then, love??

A hunk bathes his honey. At least that's what it looks like...

She's a bit scarey-looking though, isn't she? Perhaps she's annoyed that he forgot the Radox bubble bath.

Who's the hunk on the left and the vixen on the right??

Oh my! The vixen now has a different face!! And what a fetching outfit!!

Hang on - it's all change again...

An unusual way to ride a bike...I should really delete this blog might get shut down...

Phew! That's QUITE enough rudeness. Here we find some lovely flowerbeds in the famous Vondel Park.

A lovely bandstand.

Another day, we (me, Gustavo and my Dad) did a long bike ride to some places on the outskirts of Amsterdam, then went on to the Dutch coast! On the way we saw these VERY cute Dutch houses....

Kind of like a Dutch Stepford I think. By the way if you're wondering about the weird green hue on the camera, I changed the colour and forgot to switch it the place a suitably eerie, dream-like look though, doesn't it?!

Gustavo lying near a field of sheep. As you do.

One of the aforementioned sheep. Awwww. I bet Amanda likes this one, given her tendency to take in stray cats!!

Back in Amsteram - a classic view from a bridge and me with a not so classic protruding belly.

Lovely Chinese restaurant down near the Central Station.

The Central Library in Amsterdam or Openbare Bibliotheek as it's known, from where I brought you this post. Love the modern, open plan design inside and groovy lights!!

More groovy lights!!

Yet more groovy lights and a downstairs bit.

Okay, that's it for now...I shall return shortly with some more Amsterdam piccies....!!

OC xx


  1. That first exhibit would make one helluva shoe tree...

  2. Great photos, you had me scrounging about in my old photo albums and dancing down memory lane! Does that creepy old hag still lunge at you from the wall in the Erotic Museum?

  3. ooh, that looks like a fantastic vacation!! i'm so in need of one!!!

  4. Steve - Of course, that's exactly what it should be used for!!

    Amanda - Glad my post stirred up old memories - you should make a return trip! I don't think there was a creepy old hag in there - lots of nubile young "beauties" though - or rather plastic and waxwork ones.

    Alan - Yes it was good though I've been many times before. Have you ever been?