Saturday, 12 September 2009

2, 4, 6, 8 MOTORWAY

Today, I had my first driving lesson on the motorway!! Wooohooo!! Erm, hang on, I hear you say, but he's passed his driving test already hasn't he? So what's he doing taking more lessons?? Well, when I was learning with my instructor we never got to the "going on the motorway" stage as it's not part of the whole requirements thing needed to take your test. So my instructor kindly offered to give me a few extra lessons to get me accustomed to life in the fast lane...

I must say I was rather nervous about it - it's a different ball game to going at 30mph max in the middle of a town or city. Actually, confession time folks. A couple of weeks ago on the Bank Holiday just gone - owing to the gorgeousness of the weather - me and Gustavo drove down to Brighton via the motorway. So that was actually my first official experience on the speedway. Today it started to make more sense...

What do I like about motorway driving?

1. The speed with which you can get from A to B. It's kind of exhilarating, as well as useful, to be zipping along so quickly.
2. It's pretty straightforward in terms of driving i.e. no traffic lights, roundabouts, T junctions etc. (Kind of stating the obvious really, aren't I?!?)

What don't I like about it?
1. Somewhat paradoxically, the speed with which one is required to drive and the speed of the cars around you. I know you can't get away from it, but it's a bit scary.
2. Moving out into a faster lane when there are cars very close to you. You've just got to use your common sense, give lots of time, indicate to the drivers behind you and then do it (as my instructor kept telling me). But I still find it a bit nerve-wracking.
3. The thought of having an accident because of 1. and 2.
4. It's rather mundane and monotonous to be driving along a continuous strip of road without much decent to look at.
5. It can get pretty tiring having to concentrate whilst driving for long periods. All I can say is thank God for Little Chef.

Erm. That's about it. But I'm sure it all comes down to practise really - it's a confidence booster. Next month I'm planning on making a couple of trips to see friends which will most likely entail using the motorway, so it can't be avoided forever...

Meanwhile I started teaching my new classes at college this week. Most of the students seem pleasant although it's still early days (!) and I haven't met them all yet! Lots of work and prep to do - oh what a life!!

Anyway, as Calvin Harris (or rather his diva singer) puts it so eloquently, I'm gonna buy shoes and I'm ready for the weekend! (Well, actually, the first part isn't strictly true...)

Have a good one everyone....

OC x


  1. Hope you're driving a quattro, Gene Hunt style, OC.

    I managed to get on the motorway once during my aborted lessons years ago and like you found it pretty hair raising and pretty straighforward all at the same time. One day when I've won the lottery I might restart the lessons...

  2. Oh crazy stuff! I recall being in London and we were driving a car in the city and somehow got into the wrong lane and ended up going round a round-about about 6 times edging closer to the lane we wanted. Exhausting!! Lucky here we don't have that many cars altho' in Auckland it can be pretty hairy driving anywhere not just motorways.

  3. yay congrats!! hope your school year is awesome!