Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Eurovision Pong Contest

Well I couldn't resist tuning into Eurovision tonight to take in all the wondrous acts from all over Europe...except "wondrous" wasn't really the operative word. A right bunch of old tat and some seriously weird acts up there...examples included a bizarre jazz number with a singer who had an incredibly caterwauling voice, then a band from Moldova wearing pointy witchy type hats and some crazy bird on a unicycle, with an oompah brass section...weeeeeird. The winners, Azerbaijan, were no great shakes ...not a terrible song, but there were some worthier acts who deserved to claim the "Eurovision" crown such as Austria.

As for our lot, boyband Blue...well the song wasn't terrible either but obviously the judges thought otherwise. Irish act Jedward were their usual typically tacky selves, an act who send themselves up so much they didn't stand any serious chance of winning. As usual it's all tactical voting with neigbouring countries giving one another loads of points, as opposed to "nil points"...

I once blogged about Eurovision, and here too but the less than brilliant acts on show tonight have just inspired me to do some more Cheeser-ish harking back to the good old days of Euro-pop (okay not all of these are strictly Eurovision acts but who cares...)

Ladies and gents, I give you...

Brother Louie, Louie, Louie!! Remember Modern Talking? The bouffed up hair! The jackets!! The glamour!!

And what about...

And who's this Tarzan Boy...?

However, I demand that you CALL ME...

Oooh la' s Ryan Paris...

You could have taken one step further and I would have been there...

And is it true that you were only playing Love Games....?

But perhaps I'm just your Jack in a Box...

Will you parlez vous francais?

And last but not least...


  1. Didn't watch it this year, Simon, having already hogged the TV for an hour and a half earlier in the evening, watching you know Who, but caught the final few sets of votes. Hopefully, with crap such as Jedward beating us, that's the last we'll hear of Blue!

    You can't beat Sandie Shaw even though her Eurovision entry wasn't amongst her personal favourites and even Abba's "Waterloo" is a masterpiece compared to the dross on offer these days. You can tell how important the music is by the fact that Graham Norton talked over the top of most of the winning song's reprise at the end!

  2. The golden age of Eurovision is long past. I used to love it but in this millennium I have pretty much ignored it.
    (By the way, how could you have missed Lulu's Boom Bang A Bang?? A real classic, I think!!)

  3. Have to say I flicked through the ol' Radio Times last night, saw Eurovision and thought, "no".

  4. Tim - What other programme could you possibly be referring to....?! I didn't actually think that Blue were that bad compared to some of the acts from other countries, but then I can appreciate that muscically they're probably not your "bag"!

    Yes I played Sandie Shaw on CD last night and was remembering how people slated "Puppet" when it came out, saying she had cheapened herself doing some a naff song etc. Funny cos it kind of sounds like a lot of other stuff that came out of the 60s now!

    I kind of wanted Graham Norton to be more sardonic along the lines of how Terry Wogan used to be; he's not quite there yet!

    Selina - I agree that the glory days of Eurovision seem to be long gone! That's what prompted me to upload lots of old clips (even if some of them are not strictly Eurovision) and bung on some CDs last night! Those were the days, my friend...

    Aaah Lulu...that song was all about the perils of nuclear war wasn't it?

    Steve - Well you didn't miss that much. It was probably a bit more watchable after a few glasses of wine though...

  5. The only one I recognise was Bucks Fizz! Was that really 1981? How time flies!!!