Friday, 3 June 2011

I'm into sci-fi UFO

Went to a rather good science fiction exhibition at the British Library with my Dad last Bank Holiday weekend. We both really enjoyed it. I'd urge you to do the same if you're in the vicinity of Kings Cross/St Pancras, or even just contemplating a London visit. It's free and there's lots of literary works by sci-fi authors on display plus various exhibits etc...for instance, you can draw your own alien and listen to clips of Marvin the Paranoid android * and HG Wells.

Talking of sci-fi you'll have no doubt observed that I have written/posted precisely nothing re: the brand new series of Doctor Who. I'm behind again, yes, I know. Work busyness and all has precluded it...story of my life. Anyway once this Saturday's final-cliffhanging-episode-until-the-show-comes-back-in-the-Autumn is over, I shall endeavour to write something. What I can admit to already though is an overarching feeling of disappointment with the series so far. The fact is, I'm becoming more and more hard to please, but the quality of the stories seems to be declining. Or is just my old age? (I actually whacked on my DVD of "The Hand of Fear" recently, partly to commemorate Lis Sladen's passing but it also to fulfil my yearning for old style "Who"...and I preferred it!) However I do have fairly high hopes about tomorrow's episode - apparently there's a mega-revelation in store regarding River Song's identity and we also get to find out about Amy's "baby". And the Cybermen are back. And the Silurians. And the "eye-patch" lady, aka Francis Barber, gets a starring role. Mmmm not too much to fit into one episode is it? Let's pray those hopes aren't dashed to dust...

Meanwhile to keep you going through the hiatus, I present you with this gem from .... Sir Clifford of Richard....yes his ode to Sci-fi...listen to the lyrics, they're actually rather witty/good! ** Just forgive the fact that the video seems to bear absolutely no relation to the song, but then it was the only clip on You Tube I could find....

Trust y'all are doing well....

OC xxx

* First prize to the first blogger who can explain who he is.
** Well, in my befuddled mind, any road.


  1. I've been waiting eagerly to get your take on the this latest Dr Who series because quite frankly I have found it really heavy going. I've barely understood what's been going on and I've come to the conclusion that I don't think I care. That's almost heresy isn't it!!I was genuinely upset to hear of Lis Sladen's death. She was my absolute favourite. When I was growing up, I wanted to be her !

  2. Marvin's a great character from Hitchhiker's Guide To The Universe... I hereby claim my first prize.

    I've been quite enjoying the Dr Who episodes so far - with the exception of the pirate one which felt like a "filler".

  3. Selina - oh dear, you sound like how I'm feeling! Not heresy when myself, a Whovian through and through, thinks the same! We all loved Lis Sladen!

    Steve - Well done - almost! I require a bit more info on precisely WHO Marvin IS, pur-lease....

    I agree, the pirate one was the weakest of the series to date.

  4. You're getting old, I suspect, in a thoroughly disgraceful manner.

    Thanks for the Cliff vid. Makes me realise just how bad most of my telly viewing has been!

  5. hey did i ever tell you about my time out in Cardiff? have you gone out there? there's a flea market somewhere there that's full of sci fi stuff! in fact, that's where i took that photo w/ the TARDIS!

  6. My pet hate of this series is the way it starts off with Amy waffling on and going back over how she met the's Dr WHO for gods sake, not Amy Pond (oh and the Doctor)...grrr!