Thursday, 28 April 2011

Stuff the wedding

In case you hadn't guessed, the title of this post pretty much sums up my opinion of the Royal Nuptials occurring tomorrow. Apologies to all royalists and William and Kate lovers - I suppose. We just can't get away from it though, can we?

Maybe it's my age. Maybe I'm getting cynical. Maybe I don't like the fact that our taxes are paying for the extraordinarily expensive extravagance that is the Royal Wedding.

I am however very pleased to be having the day off work tomorrow. There's been an awful lot of Bank Holidays recently, hence lots of time off from one's job. A four day weekend now beckons. Yaaaay! Not bad atall.

When I was a nipper I distinctly remember getting all in a tizzy about Charles and Diana getting spliced. I had a Charles and Di mug, a Charles and Di wedding brochure, even a Charles and Di plastic bag if memory serves me correctly. But it was 1981 and I was a mere 12 years old...things have changed somewhat. I'm really not bovvered, as Lauren might say...(I am also rather surprised to see that none of my fellow bloggers have commented on the forthcoming wedding! Can it be that none of you are "bothered" either??)

Don't get me wrong. I can appreciate the "fairy tale" element and I'm sure Kate Middleton will look ravishing. William isn't too bad himself, come to that - well, more than certain other gawky and geeky looking male members of the Royal Family. He's turned out quite a handsome fella...And on that particular note, I thought it might be nice to present y'all with a completely gratuitous picture of the aforementioned Prince in a pair of speedos (to hell with Kate Middleton, she's not important.) Good bod, eh? I do wonder what the ball is covering up, though...


  1. The ball is covering up the crown jewels, naturally.

  2. Steve - Ha ha! Very good.

    Marginilia - Mmm. I wonder how I should take that.

    Myself, I'd rather stuff the groom...

  3. Wasn't it overhyped? Good post and interesting photo, to be honest I had never even thought of what he might look like without much clothing!

  4. I'm not a royal watcher by any stretch of the imagination, but I do think it's good for the country. Anything that makes people happy and stimulates the economy has to be a good thing. And I think marriage in general is the way to go. I'm all for having babies although the pressure of trying to produce another monarch might get to me...