Saturday, 13 March 2010

Would you like to fertilize my crops? (No, that's NOT a metaphor...)

Would someone care to enlighten me as to why Farmville is so popular?? Everyone's at it ... my husband ... my mates ... even my Auntie. I confess I've never tried it - I just can't see the appeal. Having said that I do have periods where I'm hooked on Bejewelled (yes even since this post). So perhaps there's a link there - a computer game that takes your mind off other stuff that you can't get enough of.

Anyway, can someone tell me the appeal, purlease??


  1. I've never heard of it! Is it some kind of Sim like game? I must admit I have a penchant for The Sims and was quite addicted at one point... don't get the time (or the energy) these days to play it though...

  2. Steve - you must be one of the few who are in the dark! You're on Facebook aren't you - surely you've seen your friends's status update thingies saying "John really needs some help fertilising his crops in Farmville!" It's never ending!

    Aaaah Sim - blast from the past - and almost my namesake too!