Tuesday, 30 March 2010

It begins...

Or rather, it's coming back:


And I've barely had time to blog about it!!!

We haven't had a full series for so bloody long I've forgotten what it's like ...

... but I'm sure I'll very quickly get back into the space and time swing ... you know me.

And I'll be back with new posts soon ... including my thoughts on the very good A Single Man and meeting the lovely Alan ...

Thank heavens it's nearly Easter.

Ciaou for now.

OC xx


  1. I saw the new Doctor interviewed on Wossy and... I don't know... I'm not sure about him yet. He seemed rather full of himself though the concensus in the business is that he pulls it off with aplomb. Guess we'll have to wait until Saturday to find out for ourselves...

  2. Steve - I know what you mean, I like Matt Smith's look and style but as a personality he doesn't grab me altogether ... I wasn't crazy about David T either to start with but he grew on me ... so we'll see eh? I'm sure we'll be exchanging notes soon. Hope to see the odd review or two on your own erudite blog!

  3. I can't wait.....I CAN'T WAIT. Bit distressed though as some colleagues of mine went along to the review and said that within 15 minutes, they had forgotten about David Tennant. That is NOT possible !!!!

  4. Selina - yes fans can be sooo fickle. Take it you were a DT fan then? (0r rather, are?!)