Sunday, 31 May 2009


I am currently addicted to Bejewelled. It's all my Mum's fault. When I went up to stay with her in York a couple of months back she had the game on her computer and kept playing it during free moments. I was actually supposed to be doing some marking (yes I had to take work with me even though I was on frickin' holiday...) but sitting at her computer it was just too tempting and I kept succumbing to the odd game. Or two. Or three...I got back home and went on a website that sold a downloadable version of the game and promptly purchased it - well Version 2 that is. It's very similar to Tetris, simple but as I say, addictive. Good for playing in those inbetween moments. And I love the cheesey "new age" synth music, it's actually kind of soothing and calming. The only problem is, when I go to bed, I can see these multi-coloured diamond things, falling out of the sky...

Now, my lovelies. What I really want to know is, what precisely are YOU addicted to?

Mmmm, not sure if it was such a good idea to ask that...

But I still want you to tell. 'Fess up!!


  1. Nothing very exciting I'm afraid, OC. Lego anc chocolate about covers it. As for games I still Play Unreal Tournament regularly as it's so cathartic. I can name all the bots after work colleagues and then blast all hell out of them when I feel particularly pissed off. I'm sure it stops me committing murder in real life. ;-)

  2. Lego and chocolate, ha ha! The thought of you getting out your Lego and constructing lots of, erm, construcutions with it definitely puts a smile on my face. And actually chocolate is my weakness too. If there's any in the house it's very hard to resist scoffing all of it. For instance Gustavo and I were both given choccie eggs for Easter and within 2 days I'd eaten all of mine - whereas he's only just finished his! Admirable self control.

    I don't know Unreal Tournament, might have to check that one out...You're probably right though - those kill 'em and blast 'em type games are probably a good outlet for all our untapped aggressions...better to take it out on the PC than real life situations!

  3. I am addicted to garage sales and estate sales, the hunt for old antique treasures!! And the season is just beginning!!

  4. Alan - I suspect you are a young fogey i.e. an old man in a young person's body - what with this interest, or should I say addictive interest, in antiques etc! Ha ha, just stereotyping there. I guess garage sales must be like car boot sales - which we have over here. Or do you have those too?

    Annie - Erm, do I know you? Why the apology? (!!)