Friday, 6 November 2009

It's coming back....!!

It's been so bloody long, I've actually forgotten what Dr Who is.

I wasn't that enamoured with "Planet of the Dead" (the last DW Special offering - God, it seems like decades since that one was on) but "The Waters of Mars" is looking a whole lot more promising. And posh bird and classy actress Lindsay Duncan is onboard this time. All sounds good.

Then we've only got to wait until Xmas a for a masterly two-parter and the departure of one David Tennant / arrival of a certain Matt Smith!

ETA for "The Waters of Mars": Sunday 15 November, BBC1. Yaaay!!


  1. The Waters of Mars does look good. Nice and dark. And given RTD's success with the last Torchwood outing I'm now confident that he can do dark and not botch it up!

  2. You do know how jealous you're making us way down here don't you? xx