Sunday, 15 November 2009

Boozin' and boogying... what I was doing last night, down one of my favourite bars, called Escape (snapshot above). After the week I'd had, a night out was definitely needed. Am feeling slightly fragile today but it was worth it!!

I've been frequenting the place for years, in fact my hubbie was the one to introduce me to Escape, if memory serves correctly. And here's why I like it:

- It's very central, in the centre of buzzy / trendy / gay-mecca Soho - but fortunately, unlike other "swank" establishments in the same district, it doesn't attract too many of the "I'm so cool, rich and trendy I'm up my own a*se" types. The clientele there are pretty laid back and friendly and every time me and Gustavo have been, we've ended up having conversations with complete and utter strangers (who we usually never see again, but it's better than sitting there all night with no one to talk to and adds to the enjoyment - I'm a social butterfly really.)

- It's small and intimate - some people are fond of huge, sprawling night clubs but Escape is basically just one (fairly small-sized) room. Sounds like a nightmare to some and admittedly it does get packed when at total capacity, but I really like the cosiness of the place. In fact the size is probably what creates the friendlier atmosphere.

- They play a fab mix of music, both modern and retro. Sample songs last night included: "She Wolf" - Shakira, "Voulez Vous" - ABBA, "I Gotta Feeling" - David Guetta, "Ma Baker" - Boney M, "Like A Virgin" - Madonna, "Poker Face" - Lady Gaga, "Jump" - Pointer Sisters, etc. Sometimes they show videos which play a camp counterpart to the songs, even though they're something totally different e.g. clips of Alexis and Krystle from Dynasty engaging in catfights. Hilarious!!

- It's a gay bar!! Gay bar!! Gay bar!! Which is obviously a good thing for me and others. However it still attracts a very mixed crowd i.e. quite a lot of straight people, many of whom are women. And why not?? Last night we befriended a trio of ladies from North London who were GREAT fun and FANTASTIC dancers - in an indie, quirky sort of way. I even took one of the girl's numbers and suggested meeting up again (gosh, people WILL talk). I've never been much of a fan of male-only establishments and it can sometimes create a bad atmosphere - very testosterone-charged, macho and unfriendly with chock loads of posey gay men all vying and competing for attention. It sounds like a cliche but I love having women around me, not just gay boys! And if we really are moving towards an equal, diverse and accepting society, all people should be able to frequent the same places I think. Okay, so you get the occasionally homophobic types who want to come and "laugh at the gays", well yeah, they should be barred. But as long as people have the right attitude and beliefs, why shouldn't they be there??

Anyways. I did have a good time and now I shall go and nurse my hangover. (Actually I've got a ton of marking to do, noooooooo!! Fortunately I have Dr Who to look forward to later on, some light at the end of the (time?) tunnel). Hope your respective weekends have been going well, my fruities.

One final question: What's YOUR favourite watering hole? Where is it? What's good about it? (Er, that's more than one question). The Cheeser wants to know! Answers on a comment please....

And you know what? Looking back at the title of this post, I STILL don't know if that's the correct spelling of "boogie" with "ing" at the end. Anyone got any ideas about that one?!

Tatty Bye....

OC xx


  1. Favourite watering hole? Rather depressingly, at the moment, my watering hole of choice would be my own sofa... but then I have become an anti socialite lately...!

  2. Well you're a family man, novelist and all round polymath Steve, so I think you're excused! Frivolous actitives like going down your local boozer probably aren't high on your list of priorities....! Lol.

  3. I'm gonna have to pick The Eagle in New York City just cause that's where some leather guy wanked me off in the middle of the dancefloor. Good times.

  4. well, hard to top that last comment...however, apart from the couch at home and the backyard by the pool..I think Pomeroy's is my current fave place. Its actually fashioned on an English pub and has a good atmosphere. The hall way down to the loos is quite long and I use it as a gauge to determine if its time to get the Stud home..if he bounces off the wall more than once on his visit to the boys room I know it's time to get him outta there! :-)

  5. Oh and I think 'boogying' is the right do you say boogying or BOO gee ing?

  6. Myfavwatarinkole is OkayOla... the music is oakey-doke as wishingwell


  7. Alan - Disgusting!! But hilarious!! Mind you, it was hardly YOUR fault, was it?

    Amanda - I like the sounds of Pomeroys - I take it the name is a reference to us "whinging Poms"? The Stud bouncing off the wall in an intoxicated state must be a sight to behold... And thanks for the feedback on "boogying" - it's a tough one, eh?

    Joe Bloggs - WHERE is this place you mention? Did you just make it up??