Sunday, 22 November 2009

Another question from the Cheeser

Q: Why are these two still active contestants on "X Factor", whilst other (arguably much more talented) artists have fallen by the wayside?

A: Because the nation loves a tacky novelty act who can put on a variety of silly (but entertaining) styles and performances e.g. Ghosbusters, Wham. The fact that John and Edward (very traditional English names) can't sing for toffee is a mere footnote to their camp brilliance. *

And what's your response, my lovely jubblies??

* Actually that's only the partial truth. "Camp brilliance" is a rather charitable comment to make, I feel...


  1. I'm proud to say I haven't watched a single episode of X Factor. Less proud to say we've been watching Strictly...

  2. Yes, you hypocrite!!


    Admittedly Gustavo is more of an avid viewer than me, but as I'm usually in the room when X Factor is on, I usually end up watching does have its merits you know!

  3. Haven't seen it, no doubt in about 3 years time it will surface here...

  4. oooh, just HAVE to tell you that The Waters of Mars is on here tonight, am so excited can hardly type...

  5. Woweee! Much earlier than expected, eh Amanda? Will be interested to hear you and your daughter's views...