Tuesday, 26 October 2010

What's your poison?

The other night, a friend introduced me to the delights of birthday cake vodka. Mmmmm mmmm!!!! Sweet and delicious, it slipped down all too easily...

Oddly enough I couldn't find much about it on the net, although I did find this recipe. I sampled it in Revolution bar btw...

My other favourite tipples are:

- Caipirinha - my hubbie's influence, it's cool, refreshing and delicious, a perfect Summer drink. The more crushed the ice, the better.

- Pina Colada - creamy and lush, I consumed many on these on the beach in Brazil last December. The kind I had there was made with condensed milk, which might sound disgusting but in fact made it taste even more heavenly. And Rupert Holmes got it right. So much so that I insist you give this a listen/view now!! (Slightly odd video, it has to be said...)

What else? There's...

- Amaretto - totally gorge, j'adore most almond-tasting things and this little liqueur tastes good on a lot of other things like ice cream (I also love Amaretti biscuits and gateau!! Anyone want to send me some??)

Mmm, are any of you detecting a slightly kitsch-camp drinks theme here? Look, you trying to suggest I may not be into real men's drink?!?! Wanna make something of it?? Shocking as it might seem, I'm also quite partial to...

- good old-fashioned Beer. I was a relatively late convert. In my student days I starting drinking it for the street cred, but now I'm partial to a nice chilled lager...Grolsch be one of my favourites. Stella is good for getting hammered but kind of gives you a headache the next day...

So then. Slightly obvious topic but after my vodka experience I wanted to share the boozy lurve. What are your favourite tipples, ladies and gents? This Cheeser wants to hear about it, including all those guilty drinking pleasures of yours....*

Now, I do happen to know that the lovely Amanda has a tipple every Tuesday so she's probably got too many to choose from...

* And you know what? I LOVE my kitsch/camp drinks...and anyone who's got a problem with that, well...I'll strap you to a chair, blindfold you, force open your gob and then subject you to 37 screaming orgasms...**

** No, you idiots!! I'm talking about the cocktail (another one to add to my list then...)


  1. Oh you ARE a naughty boy (but I like you...)

    I think champagne cocktails are my favourites really, altho' a good ol' Between the Sheets is great!

    There is a Ewan McEwen (?) poem where he atlks about how some of his lovers said he tasted of almonds...

  2. OOps, sorry I meant Ewan MacColl (Peggy's husband)....HE said the bit about the almonds.

  3. I like a nice drop of Oban. A little expensive but smooth as silk and warms the blood nicely.

  4. Amanda - I'll be joining you for a champage cocktail very shortly then my lovely! I love the name "between the sheets" (precisely where I enjoy being...)

    The poem sounds interesting.

    Steve - I had to look "Oban" up as I'd never heard of it. A single malt Scotch whiskey. I see! I confess I am NOT a fan of whiskey atall - hate it - though if doused with enough sweet stuff to knock out the taste I might just be able to stomach it. Sorry! Thanks for your contribution all the same...

  5. ooh what is Birthday Cake Vodka?!!??!

    I'm partial to the Espresso flavoured vodka from Van Gogh - a double on the rocks, and i am SET!

    also like this Jamaican beer called Red Stripe, purely because of the stubby little bottles and I feel like I'm drinking medicine from the 1800s.

    Cocktail wise, I like my Tom Collins, it's always a classic. Gimlets are great. In the summer, you can't go wrong with a Pim's Cup or a bottle of Rose wine.

  6. Alan - imagine the taste of sweet birthday cake icing or filling infused with the bitterness of vodka and you've more or less got it!

    I like the sound of the vodka you mention!

    I know Red Stripe, have necked it in some gay bars over here!

    What's a Tom Collins consist of?

    You have good taste, Mister!