Friday, 8 October 2010

The Cheeser's Choice: Deceptions

I've got crapper and crapper at posting updates and I can only apologise.

However by way of recompense...

Do you remember "Deceptions", a mini series from the mid 1980s, based on the story of Stephanie and Sabrina, twin sisters who swap lives with "interesting" consequences...? Due to the original date of transmission - i.e. 1985 - only people of my generation are likely to recall it ...I've been watching the first ep on DVD tonight (a pirate version that I found and purchased on the net, but not bad quality nevertheless) and totally loving it!! It might help that this is Friday night, it's the end of the working week and I've had more than a few beers to compliment my viewing... But it's classic, deliciously indulgent cheese all the same. In fact, dare I say Stefanie "Jennifer Hart" Powers gives a damn good performance as the two sibling sisters in this...? If you wanna see more then just visit the other episodes posted by the self-same You Tuber!!

The opening sequence on the boat is an 80s classic...the Pointer Sisters (except it isn't if you listen carefully...must have been copyright issues), lots of boozed-up partygoers frugging wildly on the yacht (epitomising the height of 80s hedonism), Stef on the prow of the boat holding court....and then lots of naughtiness below decks resulting in...a bang of more than one variety.



  1. God knows where I was when this was orginally on - but it plainly passed me by altogether; I have utterly no memory of it!

  2. Probably because, unlike me, you haven't had a life-long penchant for tv trash, Steve!

  3. God I loved this when I was a child; I was OBSESSED by it. I much preferred the bitch twin's lifestyle, so was irked when it focused more on the other one's homestead.