Saturday, 1 May 2010

It's the Blinkin' Testcard

Greetings. This is Wendy the Weeping Angel. Or you can call me the new Testcard Girl. I'm here to plug those in between bits (so to speak) as well as: 1) playing noughts and crosses with a creepy looking clown (he almost qualifies for a Dr Who monster himself) 2) displace you in time if you so much as blink. And I've been in Dr Who recently too. Last Saturday and this one. Hip, hip hoorah. (I'm sorry, an angel is a killer and does not use exclamatory sentences - I'm a deadpan sort of laydeee you know).

Anyway, I am actually here on behalf of the Old Cheeser, who would like to inform you that he's a bit busy with work-related thingummys at the moment and hence hasn't had time to write any more posts (well, that's his excuse). He sends his most sincere apologies and hopes to resume service soon with some spanking new posts on, amongst other things, the latest episodes of Dr Who. Wooohooo.

... Tune in soon ... in the meantime here is some light music ...



  1. I took one look at your face, Wendy, and seem to have woken up in 1930's Britain in a cobblestone town with no internet access. It's made writing this comment very difficult indeed. On the bright side the bread here is great.

  2. OK Angel Wendy, I need you to know that I am more scared of you than any other Dr Who baddie. Please can you tell the Old Cheeser that I am distressed and need to discuss the new Doctor with him. I think ....I may not like him as much as I did but can't put my finger on why and I definitely don't like the girl (can't even bring myself to mention her name!) but I can't keep this up much longer without blinking so will have to stop. Tell OC to hurry back. Please.

  3. Steve - Well, that's the kind of thing an angel does, you know. I hope life in 1930s Leamington Spa is not too bleak. Talking of bread, I can actually picture you in a tweed jacket and cloth cap, Hovis style, sitting on a doorstep with your pet whippet, penning yet another "Bloggertropolis" epistle in your old note pad. Such a pity no-one's going to read it...

    Selina - You SHOULD be scared of me. Don't f*ck with Angel Wendy! I will pass on your comments about the new Doctor to the OC. If it's any consolation, the angels don't like him much either, as the last time we encountered the meddlesome Time Lord, he let us all plunge as into a crack in time...the bastard! However I suspect your comment is more of a reflection on his acting ability? As for A - sorry, the redheaded ginger one, she's bloody up herself, isn't she??