Saturday, 3 April 2010

RIP Blake Carrington

Farewell, then, actor John Forsythe aka Blake Carrington.

Oddly enough, I've just started watching Season Four of Dynasty on DVD, so I'll have to watch some more episodes very soon by way of tribute. No disrespect to the deceased John F, but Blake's blue rinse, cardies and fatherly concern were what made the man so great.* ** Not to mention his all-consuming love for walking clothes horse wife Krystle and unbridled hatred for ex-from-hell Alexis, which collectively all made for great melodrama. Mr Carrington: you were the stuff of legend.

*I'm only being slightly ironic here.
** Okay, so I couldn't exactly condone Blake's narrow-minded stance on homosexuality and consequent bad treatment of gay son Steven, but I guess no-one's perfect. And by the time of the final Dynasty instalment, The Reunion, he'd come to accept his son's orientation and welcomed him and his lover into the family! Proof that even the most prejudiced of patriarchs can see the error of their ways.


  1. Seeing the name Steven and Blake there was a bit shocking at first. That'll teach me to scan read ahead too fast...!

  2. He he he .... Yes bit of a coincidence there, Steve!

  3. I could never really get into that programme, I think for me it was way too over the top bitchy...maybe I should have wtached and learned eh?

  4. Amanda - OTT and bitchy it WAS!

    And yes, just think what a different person you'd be if you had watched it, ha ha ...