Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Rendezvous with the Woo!

Shame I only took the one pic...!

A couple of weekends ago I had the very good fortune of meeting the lovely Alan - who was visiting the UK for the first time ever! This was my first ever meeting with a blogger and it couldn't have been more pleasant. Some bloggers are kind of reticent about meeting "in the flesh", preferring to maintain their privacy etc, which I can understand up to a point. The whole virtual communication thing is funny really - you can get to "know" someone over the net and even feel a real kinship with them, but it's not always the same when you actually hook up face-to-face - sometimes you can end up feeling disappointed and your expectations are dashed - a bit like online dating?! Fortunately nothing went wrong on this occasion (well I'd hardly have written this post and embarrassed Mr Woo if it had, would I?!!)

Alan comes from Vancouver in Canada but is actually a Yorkshire boy, born and bred - from Bradford no less - his parents used to run a fish and chip shop - eeeeh bah gum - well, you can't get much more Northern than that! Alan's parents emigrated when he was a wee nipper, so his Blightey trip was a chance for him to see his roots - very exciting! He'd put in a whistle stop tour and visited not only London, but also his relatives in Bradford and Cardiff too (Dr Who land, how I approve!), plus a trip to Paris and back! I caught up with him during his last few days' stay in London - we met in a bar close to Soho and (appropriately - but I really wasn't trying to tell Alan anything!) in ... Chinatown. He's a very warm and friendly fellow indeed and having a joint love of all things pop-cultural, as well as both being gay boys, we had loads to talk about. We then moved onto Village Soho, and sat and nattered some more about all kinds of stuff. As he had to be off early the next day, it wasn't a late one but it was still a great night, lovely to meet him and I felt like we really clicked.

Who knows , perhaps one day I'll visit Canada, not to mention the US of A, having never bloody been ...!! I'm actually considering a visit this Summer ... it has to be done. After all I'm now 41 and not getting any younger .... *sob*

Anyway Alan, hope you're safe and comfortable back home now - well actually I see you took a trip to Portland to ward off the post-Vacation blues ... don't blame you!!


  1. It's always great when a flesh meeting is as good as a mind meeting! I'd definitely recommend you visit Canada - I went about 10 years ago and loved it. Clean, cultured and safe. Marvellous place!

  2. How lovely that you got to meet a blogger friend .... and that you weren't disappointed. The thought of really meeting most of my fellow bloggers terrifies me as they all know so much about me now and I'd feel a bit embarrassed. But there are a few that I suspect I would get on with if the opportunity arose to meet in real life. Steve would be great because he's so clever and all-knowing and I think, really funny. And the Sagittarian because she's such a party gal and I suspect we would have a real giggle. And....well.... you actually! I know I haven't been following you long but I like your style and I love that you love Dr Who (and all good telly) with such wisdom and passion.
    Loved your Dr Who review by the way. I have to say I liked young Matt. He's going to be up there as one of the best but he's not David Tennant and, to his credit, he didn't try to be. The girl...hmmm.... I think I may just be jealous of her beauty and her gorgeous hair but there's something about her. You touched on it - bit too sure of herself. Anyway, I shall continue to watch with interest and follow what you have to say too.
    I love your blog - it's fast becoming one of my favourites !!

  3. Old Cheeser!!!! Yay!!!!! It was sooooo cool to meet you! And I DID look up those Dynasty cat fight montages on YouTube like you suggested!

    Oh it was loads of fun, and it was so weird how we lost that one hour of time while we were hanging out! I guess time really does fly when you're having fun, yes? *wink*

    Your picture turned out better than mine, so you must send it to me so I can develop it please!!

    Thanks for meeting up and letting me de-virginize in the world of blog mate meetings!!

  4. How exciting! I hope you've got NZ on your 'to visit' list OC, I think we'd clcik too. And bring along Steve and selina and anyone PLUS the gorgeous Gustavo. I'm sure we'd all have a great time - I'll make the drinks....

  5. Great stuff, sounds like you had a good time!

  6. Thanks for all the comments, folks.

    Steve - Thanks for the Canada tip, I'll take you up on it one day, and I'm sure Alan would agree...

    Selina - Thanks for the lovely long comment and support; so nice of you. I know what you mean about meeting up with bloggers. I've got to say you write one of the most honest and open blogs I've ever read! You are spot on about Steve and Amanda and I am ULTRA flattered that you would include me in your "personages to meet" list!! To what do I owe this honour?! How much cash do you want??! Seriously I really appreciate all you say here and glad you are a Who follower too. Like the geek I am I will be posting regular reviews, or as regular as I can make them ... funny how you can find an excuse when it's something you enjoy writing about ...

    Alan - The man himself! Lovely meeting you too, matey ... Just read and commented on the post you wrote about our meeting on YOUR blog! Right back at me, eh? I'd still like to see the pic you took, so you're welcome to send it if you want.

    Amanda - Now, you know I would LOVE to visit NZ even if it is twice the distance from Brazil. One day, I will - no offence, but even without knowing you I knew it was a beautiful country to visit, so that would be reason enough. But of course it would be great to make your acquaintance in person too - and I love the idea of a group trip to come and see ya! And with these constant "Tuesday Tipple" posts you're so fond of writing I bet you'd be a DEMON cocktail maker ... I'll be right in there!!