Friday, 9 October 2009

Hello Doctor, got a new logo?

Yes it's not just corporate companies and supermarkets that do it. Now they've gone and rebranded the Dr Who logo! What do we all reckon, then? I rather like the chunky functionality of it and the muted colours. In fact, come to think of it, I like it considerably more than the previous "organgey oval" one used in Series 1-4. It's kind of reminiscent of the old William Hartnell logo too, I think. Works for me. Et vous, cheries?

Meanwhile it's quite interesting that this time round, there seems to have been a distinct lack of publicity re: Series Five. Usually by this time we've been given names of stories, guest stars, etc. The last major bit of news was the casting of Karen Gillan. But this time it seems that we're being deliberately kept in the dark (unless it's all in DWM and I've been missing something??) Oh well, all adds to the excitement and anticipation, I guess...


  1. I don't know what it is but I really don't like the Logo. I think it shows a surprising lack of finesse - like someone at 6th form was allowed to use Photoshop for an afternoon because they had a broken arm and couldn't do gym. Won't stop me watching though!

  2. Sorry, I must be a purist cos I like the old one! We have been Dr Who deprived for so long now that our resident Whovian is almost "ho hum" about the prospect of it returning! To be fair, she/we lost momentum when David T announced he was leaving but we haven't even seen his regneration episode here....(Yours, Angry of More Canterbury tales!)