Saturday, 18 July 2009

Back, temporarily....

Hey people...

You may have noticed I'd gone a bit quiet of late....I said I'd be back with you early July but have had a mishap with my internet connection at home, much to my extreme annoyance. My phone line got shut down by mistake and I've lost my link to the virtual world. I'm still trying to get it sorted. I can access the net at work but because blogs are deemed to be "social networking" sites and not study-related they're banned in the college, hence I can't get on my blog there, either. Of course, I could always go to an internet cafe, which is where I'm writing from now... However frankly my dear I'm too tight and can't be ar*sed to make regular visits to do that ... Please excuse me, I'm in a bit of a narkey mood today ...

Meanwhile, I have one important piece of news to impart which is:


On my second attempt, which really isn't bad going, eh?? I came within a hair's breadth of failing (too many minor faults), however I'm still thankful for getting through. And as someone who only started to learn driving at the age of 39 I really didn't do too step is buying a (cheap) car!! Hoorah!!

What else? Finished my fun marking work and now have more time on my hands, thank the lord. Going on hols to Amsterdam in a few weeks, which will be good. I have visited several times but my hubbie's never been.

Against my will, I have been sucked into the vortex of Big Brother, after a few years of abstaining. Marcus is a horrid aggressive mullet-haired moron who I'd love to see evicted (personally I think Sree should have stayed and the mullet head should have gone...) Noireen comes across as an up-herself Irish girl who thinks she's the bee's knees. Charlie's quite fit but dare I say seems a bit dim sometimes. And his regular bickering sessions/spats with Rodrigo smacks of very gay behaviour. Rodrigo is quite a sulky little thing too! Mmmm I'm in a charitable mood today...Are any of you following BB 10? (Oh quite liked the challenges with the old BB members putting in appearances too, such as maaaaad Nicky ...)

Well think that's about it for now ... just wanted to say HI and let you know I'm still alive, my lovely ones ...

And I trust all is well with you ...!!

Be back properly soon hopefully, in the meantime here is some light and cheesey music...

OC xxx


  1. Big, big congratulations on passing your driving test! Well done!

    I've had some good news too - got a 2:1 for my Uni degree and attended the graduation ceremony yesterday; a truly lavish affair. Felt quite moved. Am quite sad to be done with it all... so may have to undertake an MA sometime.

    Have a good holiday!

  2. congrats!!!

    and hope to see you again soon here!

    I'm totally into Big Brother - US Edition, though. We don't get the UK one though I guess I could try downloading all the episodes...

  3. Well done on passing your driving test, no doubt you will be hooning about like a natural by the time you get your car!
    Oh Amsterdam, I love Amsterdam you must take heap of photos and post them to make me feel jealous!
    I try not to watch Lab Rat TV, but have been known to watch Gordon Ramsay's offerings on more than one occassion!

  4. Well done on driving in your car.

    Big Brother? They still make that? Blimey :-)

  5. Hope you're not working too hard!

  6. Hello there! i'm pretty sure I texted you my congrats as to passing you're driving test but here there are in blogger mode too. As you might know I never bothered to learn to drive either, and I think it would take me to live somewhere in the deep countryside with serious need of transportation to do so. Apparently it gets more difficult the older you get. Driving in London can be horrible and is a little bit unnecessary, took us over an hour to get out of there the other day when we drove to Wales, by far the worst part of the drive if you ask me. But it can be useful, I know... Will you take us for a drive sometimes?

    Haven't watched Big Brother at all, apart from the odd bits here and there, it really didn't suck me in this time (and usually there's a point when that happens, not this time)! Is it almost over? cos that's when it tends to get more interesting IMO

    have fun in Amsterdam, hope you'll be "totally wired" at home again soon, speak soon!


  7. Hey there lazy bum, it's August - you can come out now!!

  8. Hellooooooooooooo!!! Thanks for all the nice comments, guys and gals...still haven't been able to access the internet that much, hence the silence. But I shall now compose a post for y'all....