Sunday, 31 May 2009

Cheeser's Choice: Freemasons and Sophie Ellis-Bextor

A fabulous track that I just had to post - and bound to be a massive hit. Okay, so Newplanet and Alan posted this on their blogs first and I've pilfered it from them - hope you don't mind, boys. Of course I'm just duplicating your own excellent tastes.

The Freemasons are one of my favourite DJ / dance combos and make classy and stylish dance music. I absolutely adore their Shakedown double CD and am always listening to it down the gym or sticking it on the stereo at home and dancing round the lounge - their music is the ultimate motivator. What's more, they've done a sterling job of remixing other people's sometimes bland songs and making them into dancefloor extravaganzas e.g. Kelly Rowland, Beyonce ... and now they've teamed up with haughty pop goddess, Sophie Ellis Bextor to produce this pop gem (admittedly a newbie tune as opposed to the reworkings of other people's stuff they've sometimes produced). Sophie's an interesting proposition. She has a highly distinctive, sultry, posh voice that's instantly recognisable. She's got sticky-out ears that don't detract from her obvious beauty. And her Mummy is Janet Ellis (which lead to my own highly original version of the lyrics from "Take Me Home": "Pin my ears, pin my ears /My mother was a presenter on Blue Peter." Genius eh?) In my view Soph's singles have tended to be more memorable than her album tracks - and tend more towards dance/disco whereas the rest of her output has been more "indified". She definitely functions better as disco diva than indie chick, I the same way as Kylie's foray into the world of guitar-infused stuff didn't entirely convince, brave experiment though it was. Anyhow, without further ado, enjoy!!


  1. I have a soft spot for Sophie EB... mainly because I used to fancy her mum in Blue Peter in the 80's. And for me Janet has still got "it"...

  2. Yes, I looked up some pics of Janet, and she's still looking good!