Sunday, 5 September 2010

The not so Golden Gate

It's very strange when you stand right in front of something that you've seen in so many pictures, TV programmes, films, etc. Kind of unreal ... and, as you can probably tell from here, the name "Golden Gate" is something of a misnomer cos it ain't golden! (If you want to know to what the goldie woldie bit really refers, try here). Anyway it was undoubtedly a momentous occasion for me to see this amazing construction in the erm, metallic flesh. Although I should add, in case you didn't know, there is actually another suspension bridge in SF also, the Oakland Bay Bridge, which seems to get far less attention (and which we drove over on our way back from LA...)

Look where I am!

Look where we are!

You can probably see the mist in the pics above as well - and the distinct lack of sunshine - very common in SF apparently. Most mornings were like this - being so exposed to the sea and having a large bay, SF gets a lot of the cold, foggy sea weather. In the afternoons it tends to brighten up and get warmer.

On another day we took a boat trip round the San Francisco bay which included a ride right under the bridge as in the photo above - boy, that really exposed you to the elements! The wind was up and roaring, the boat was rocking ... but it was worth it for the amazing views. There were even people windsurfing out there in the bay - very brave! (I don't have any pictorial proof unfortunately).

And this is the geezer who built the bridge...

We then took a hike about halfway across the bridge which really gives you an idea of its size and scope...

Would you fancy climbing to the top of that? Apparently there are maintenance workers that do, regularly. Rather them than me!

View from the Bridge as we walked across ... as you can see it's right on the edge of the city ... it did take us some time to get there!

Bridge blurb...

And there you have it!

More to come...


  1. Lookit you, lookin' cool in your denims! Even with the cloud the bridge does look very impressive. It's always strange seeing famous landmarks up close and for real - it's like TV is the real reality and everything else an imitation!

  2. Wow! I've always wanted to see this bridge - I feel I know it so well.
    How weird that my last comment didn't show up. I've realised that has happened on quite a few posts I've visited recently. Thanks for pointing it out - I thought I was going mad !!

  3. i'm going to be there soon!! can't wait!

  4. Steve - Yes if I had a moustache I could probably qualify for a San Francisco clone. You're right, it kind of DID feel that the TV version was more real! Odd!

    Selina - Yeah, perhaps Blogger has taken a dislike to you! Just kidding but rather weird - perhaps a technical issue you should take up with them...

    Alan - And so you will be! I expect a full report, Mister!

  5. wonderful pictures! I've been a few times and I love the way the bridge appears as if by magic through the fog and the mist.

  6. Did you visit the zig-zag street? I'm envious, you have had a wonderful time.

  7. Thanks Nora! Ah so it's a favourite destination for you...great choice.

    Amanda - Yes I did! Zig zag street pics forthcoming! Really sorry to hear about the earthquake in NZ by the way, but glad that you escaped (well, relatively) the calamity.